Special Sessions

Should you be interested in organizing a Special Session at AES 2022, contact us at contact@aesconference.org. Sessions of similar topics may be proposed, if needed we will schedule them at different slots over the conference period.

SP1. "Dielectric Resonator Antennas - Analysis and Design"

Organizer: Bratin Ghosh (Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur, India)


SP2. "Advanced numerical and theoretical tools as applied to domains ranging from modern nanophotonics to electromagnetic compatibility"

Organizer: Kofi Edee (Institut Pascal, France)

Our aim is to gather, in this session, specialists of computational electromagnetics working in different frequency ranges and used to numerical techniques that may be different (each domain using a family of dedicated approaches). For example in the field of nanophotonics the use of modal methods is a common practice while for lower frequencies domains other approaches, like the Transmission Lines Method, are of common use. Besides, in these frequency ranges the use of general methods such as the Finite Elements Method or the Finite Difference Time Domain is practiced equally. We believe that theses communities can benefit from talking to each other and sahring the techniques they have invented and are using in their own domain. We believe that such a session could be of great interest not only to  theoreticians/numericians working on computational electromagnetics but also to those (experimentalists/designers) who are interested by  applying them to nanophotonics or electromagnetic compatibility.


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