Summary Submission


All presenters (including invited speakers) must submit a 1-2 page summary. The summary should be in Adobe Portable Document format (pdf). If your paper is accepted, you will be invited to submit an extended version of your paper for the conference proceedings. Submitting a full paper is not mandatory but is highly recommended. If a full paper is not submitted, your accepted 2-page summary will be included in the Conference Proceedings.

Paper Format Summary Preparation

Please use the conference templates to prepare your summary.

  • Do Not Include headers, footers or page numbers.
  • Do Not Use Symbols, Special Characters, or Math in the Title or Abstract.
  • Please note that no additional content editing will be performed after submission has been completed.
  • For authors who choose to use Microsoft Word, a template can be downloaded here.
  • For preparing the paper using LaTEX, a template can be downloaded here.
  • It is advised to start writing your paper by entering the text into the template, to make sure that all formatting is correct.
  • The information on page layout and formatting can be found in the templates.

Summary Submission

Please use one of the options below to submit your summary:

  • Option 1: Upload your paper using our online form. This option is highly recommended.
  • Option 2: Send you paper as an email attachment to the conference secretary: Please indicate in your email under which topic or special session your submission shall be presented.

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Step one of the submission process

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