Invited Speakers

AES 2022 conference will feature the following invited speakers:

  1. Qammer H. Abbasi, University of Glasgow (UK)
    Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Future Wireless Communication

  2. Pierre-Michel Adam, Université de Technologie de Troyes (France)

  3. Karim Achouri, EPFL (Switzerland)
    Dispersion Analysis of Single and Multi-Metasurface Stacks

  4. İbrahim Akduman, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)
    A new measurement configuration for the microwave breast cancer imaging

  5. Alessandro Alabastri, Rice University (USA)

  6. Antonio Ambrosio, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - IIT (Italy)

  7. Mauro Antezza, Université de Montpellier (France)
    Casimir interaction on gratings

  8. Manuel Arrebola, Universidad de Oviedo (Spain)
    Wideband design and optimization of reflectarray antennas

  9. Paloma Arroyo-Huidobro, Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal)

  10. Miguel Ferrando Bataller, Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain)
    The Theory of characteristic Modes

  11. Xavier Begaud, Télécom ParisTech (France)
    Wideband metamaterial absorber : from concept to naval applications

  12. Maha Ben Rhouma, CEA Saclay (France)

  13. Jamal Berakdar, Martin-Luther University (Germany)

  14. Pierre Berini, University of Ottawa (Canada)

  15. Alberto Bramati, Sorbonne Université (France)

  16. Christelle Brimont, Universite de Montpellier (France)

  17. Ada-Ioana Bunea, Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)
    3D printed microrobots controlled by light - towards environmental and biomedical applications

  18. Sven Burger, Zuse Institute Berlin (Germany)
    Riesz-projection based simulation and analysis of resonant photonic devices and machine-learning based parameter optimization

  19. Johannes Bütow & Peter Banzer, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (Germany)

  20. Marco Finazzi, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
    Controlling second order nonlinear optical processes at the nanoscale

  21. Emmanuel Centeno, Université Clermont Auvergne (France)
    Plasmonic and metamaterial devices based on highly doped semiconductors for infrared applications

  22. Debashis Chanda, University of Central Florida (USA)

  23. Dmitry Chigrin, RWTH Aachen University (Germany)
    Multiphysics simulations for phase change material based nanophotonics

  24. Matteo Clerici, University of Glasgow (UK)

  25. Aaron Danner, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

  26. Virgil-Florin Duma, Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad (Romania)
    Laser scanners with rotational Risley prisms: A graphical method to determine and study exact scan patterns

  27. Pham Tien Dat, National Institute of Information Communications Technology - NICT (Japan)

  28. Andrea Di Falco, University of St Andrews (UK)

  29. Fei Ding, University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)

  30. Bahram Djafari Rouhani, Université de Lille (France)

  31. Kofi Edee, Université Clermont Auvergne (France)

  32. Andrea Fratalocchi, KAUST (Saudi Arabia)
    Scalable, Integrated cognitive neurocomputing machines at ultra-low power via optical topological singularities

  33. Dentcho Genov, Louisiana Tech University (USA)
    Excitation and Modulation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons at PN++ Junctions

  34. Simone Genovesi, University of Pisa (Italy)

  35. Mircea Giloan, Company for Applied Informatics (Romania)

  36. Dave Giri, Pro-Tech (USA)

  37. Brahim Guizal, Universite de Montpellier (France)

  38. Maria Caterina Giordano, Università di Genova (Italy)

  39. Gerard Granet, Université Clermont Auvergne (France)

  40. Thierry Grosjean, FEMTO-ST Institute (France)

  41. Jay Guo & Peiyuan Qin, University of Technology Sydney (Australia)

  42. Chia Wei Hsu, University of Southern California (USA)
    Fast Scattering Matrix Computation for Complex Media and Metasurfaces

  43. Ognjen Ilic, University of Minnesota (USA)

  44. Magnus Jonsson, Linköping University (Sweden)

  45. Maria Kafesaki, IESL-FORTH (Greece)

  46. Tetsuya Kawanishi, Waseda University (Japan)
    THz transmission for fixed wireless services under severe weather conditions

  47. Ali Khenchaf, ENSTA Bretagne (France)

  48. Teun-Teun Kim, University of Ulsan (Korea)
    Non-Hermitian THz metasurfaces based ultra-sensitive sensing

  49. Kuniaki Konishi, University of Tokyo (Japan)

  50. Andrei Lavrinenko, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Denmark)

  51. Wenzhong Lu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China)
    Design and fabrication of ceramic-based antennas
  52. Mario Lucido, Università di Cassino (Italy)
    Accurate and Efficient Analysis of the Electromagnetic Scattering from a Thin Disk

  53. Dmitry Lyubchenko, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) & Institute of High Pressure Physics (Poland)

  54. Kevin MacDonald, University of Southampton (UK)

  55. Alejandro Manjavacas, University of New Mexico (USA) and Instituto de Óptica, CSIC (Spain)

  56. Agnès Maurel, Institut Langevin - ESPCI (France)
    Stable GSTC formulation for Maxwell’s equations

  57. Farid Medjdoub, IEMN - CNRS (France)
    Status and progress of millimeter-wave GaN transistors for next generation high-power radar systems

  58. Leonardo Midolo, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

  59. Owen Miller, Yale University (USA)

  60. Daniel Mittleman, Brown University (USA)
    Leaky-wave antennas for terahertz wireless systems

  61. Katsuhiko Miyamoto, Chiba University (Japan)
    Generation of high-quality tunable terahertz vortices based on difference frequency generation

  62. Hiroaki Minamide, RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics (Japan)
    Advanced Terahertz-wave source and applications based on nonlinear optics

  63. Antoine Moreau, Université Clermont Auvergne (France)
    The physics of optical patch antennas

  64. Yuto Moritake, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
  65. Egor Muljarov, Cardiff University (UK)

  66. Kosuke Murate and Kodo Kawase, Nagoya University (Japan)
    Real-time measurement system using multi-wavelength THz-wave parametric generation and detection

  67. Jeffrey Nanzer, Michigan State University (USA)

  68. Xingjie Ni, Pennsylvania State University (USA)

  69. Yoshiaki Nishijima, Yokohama National University (Japan)

  70. Claude Oestges, Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium)
    A stochastic ray-based model for UAV-to-ground radio channels in urban environments

  71. Liam O’Faolain, Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland)

  72. Seigo Ohno, Tohoku University (Japan)

  73. Takashige Omatsu, Chiba University (Japan)
    Interaction between structured light field and matters on nano/micro scale

  74. Taiichi Otsuji, Tohoku University (Japan)
    Controlling the parity and time-reversal symmetry of graphene Dirac plasmons and its application to terahertz lasers

  75. Ekmel Ozbay, Bilkent University (Turkey)

  76. Willie Padilla, Duke University (USA)

  77. Alexej Pashkin, Institut für Ionenstrahlphysik und Materialforschung (Germany)

  78. Dorota Pawlak, Institute of Electronic Materials Technology (Poland)

  79. Ruwen Peng, Nanjing University (China)

  80. Andrea Perucchi, INSTM and Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste (Italy)

  81. Alexander Petrov, Hamburg University of Technology (Germany)
    The limits for emission suppression in low contrast media

  82. Paola Pirinoli, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

  83. Mika Prunnila, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (Finland)
    Long wavelength infrared detection by combining nano-thermoelectrics and sub-wavelength absorbers

  84. Archak Purkayastha, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

  85. Marco Rahm, Technische Universitaet Kaiserslautern (Germany)

  86. Søren Raza, Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)

  87. Alejandro Rodriguez, Princeton University (USA)

  88. Àlvar Sànchez , Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)
    Exact, feasible and practical cloaks for static and quasistatic magnetic fields

  89. Zouheir Sekkat, Moroccan Foundation of Advanced Research Science and Innovation - MAScIR (Morocco)

  90. Atif Shamim, KAUST (Saudi Arabia)
    Gain and Efficiency Enhancement of mm-Wave On-Chip Antennas Through Artificial Magnetic Conductors

  91. Jun Shibayama, Hosei University (Japan)

  92. Safumi Suzuki, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
    Novel resonant-tunneling-diode terahertz oscillators and applications

  93. Junichi Takahara, Osaka University (Japan)

  94. Takasumi Tanabe, Keio University (Japan)

  95. Andrea Toma, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italy)

  96. Takashi Tomura and Jiro Hirokawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

  97. Johann Toudert, ENSEMBLE3 (Poland)

  98. Paolo Vavassori, CIC nanoGUNE (Italy)
    Magnetoplasmonic nanocavities for the enhanced magnetic control of light polarization via hybridization with dark plasmons

  99. Jian Wang, Huazhong University of Science Technology (China)

  100. Aihua W. Wood, Air Force Institute of Technology (USA)

  101. Oliver Wright, Hokkaido University (Japan)

  102. Xianfan Xu, Purdue University (USA)

  103. Yuebing Zheng, The University of Texas at Austin (USA)
    Dielectric Nanoantennas for Directional Light Scattering and Emission

  104. Arkady Zhukov, University of Basque Country (Spain)
    Giant magnetoimpedance materials and sensor applications

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